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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The Toronto Star's business section scoops the world again
posted by David  # 11:00 PM
I wonder if this will be needing a spokesman after the next erec, I mean election?
posted by David  # 10:53 PM
Icouldbewrong (as a very smart blogger calls himself) but hasn't this always been legal in Canada? (As opposed to soliciting for the purpose of)

I doubt the Toronto Star would get this wrong

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

John, we hardly knew ye-Lots of lefties seem to be building their own metaphorical school book depository-or are they just climbing their own grassy knoll. (hat tip: instapundit)
posted by David  # 7:57 PM
Its a problem with all challengers, but I wonder how many people are planning to vote for Bush just to get rid of Kerry.
posted by David  # 7:51 PM
T-t-t-t-talking 'bout my generation-One problem the Orchardites had in their various political activities is that they never had a youth wing. So its no surprise that born-again Orchardite Joe Clark has gone against Harper. Its also no surprise that he even likes Ed Broadbent now (hat tip: Andrew Coyne)

Its not just political-its generational too.
posted by David  # 7:42 PM
Check the google search "jews for kerry"

Check the google search "jews for bush"

Perhaps there is a generation/technology gap among Jews?
posted by David  # 12:04 AM

Monday, April 26, 2004

In the last Presidential election Bush, while losing the popular vote, won the votes of married men, married women, and single men. Gore however overwhelmingly took the votes of single women.

This is why, when many in the rest of the world excoriate Bush for Iraq, the largest anti-Bush demo in DC has been about abortion. Yes married women have abortions too, but single women have them in larger proportions.

This demo will undoubtedly help Kerry among his base, many of whom believe that a second Bush Administration will somehow make abortion illegal.

But it remains to be seen (translation: 'I think not') whether fence-sitters, who will decide this race, will see these demonstrators as quite connected to reality
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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Today's Drudge Report features a developing story about how the Kerry campaign plans to focus its attacks on Cheney next week.

History buffs may remember how attacking Richard Nixon was the only way the Adlai Stevenson campaign could battle Ike's campaign-which indicates a certain (unwarranted?) desperation on the Kerry forces.

But the Kerry campaign may end up being too smart by half as the Brits say. While its true that dumping your (real or presumed) veep candidate didn't help either Ford or McGovern, dumping Cheney would be easier for Bush (those 4 heart attacks) and could open a spot for Rummy or Rice (both of which should put fear into the hearts of Kerry supporters for different reasons).
posted by David  # 11:45 PM
A lot of people on the Canadian right complain about the Toronto Star. But no one seems to mention how bad their business sections is. Is there another country who's highest selling broadsheet newspaper has such a lousy business section?

Gee TEN stocks on their portfolio tracker

BTW Catch their latest business news: Outsourcing and investing in India. I guess they don't want to be scooped by every business periodical
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Welcome. You've just arrived at my blog. I have no idea how you got here either.
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